A-Frame / A Shape Tentage

Triangular roof resembling an 'A', which is a classic for all events!

Sizes in multiples of 2 & 10/12/14/16/20ft onwards

Rates: Charge per sq ft for tentage rental

*Advisable for every 20ft to have 1 fan & 2 light

Dome Tentage

Dome tent is a semi-round marquee which can create a more unique display. Slightly more costly, but the visual display will make your event look grander!

Customised size available for dome tentage rental 

Size from 200/30/40/50/60ft

Gazebo Tentage

Gazebo tent is also known as marquee tent. It creates an elegant and simple booth-like outlook for the event.

Structure size from 10x10ft onwards

Slope Walkway Tentage

Slope tent can be used as an extension of any building in any area to make a walkway for your guests. 

Charge per sq ft with min. order

Customised A Shape Tentage

We are able to customize different designs such as aeroplane shape tentage designs. A combination of A-Frame and Slope tentage can also be done!


Garden PVC Chairs

Standard requirement for all events & stage front setting

Colors: Red/White/Blue

*Option for seat cover at additional cost

Rates vary from the quantity

<300  pcs $1.20 each

<500 pcs $1.00 each

>500 pcs $0.90 each


  • 3ft Square table - Wooden Top with Metal Joint Legs

  • 2 by 4 ft Rectangular Table - Wooden Top with Metal Joint Legs

  • 3f to 6ft Round Table - Wooden Top with Metal Joint Legs

  • Aluminium High Cocktail Table

  • Colors: Red/White/Blue & Customizable colors

*Option for Table Cloth/Skirting

Cushion Chairs

A more comfortable chair which is used at more formal events or higher budget clientele

*Option for seat cover at additional cost

Round Tables and Chairs

A simple & cost-effective way of renting tables & chairs! With both the table skirtings & seat covers, these can turn any venue into a banquet dining area!

Request for a quote from us!

Platform Stage

Many different sizes of stages can be set up and they are usually in multiples of 4-8ft wide and 1-3ft in height.

You may wish to add on stage backdrop timbre for more support.

Popular sizes: 8x8/16x8/24x8 ft

Backdrop Printing with Wooden Frame

Designing, printing & installation of your PVC banner with backdrop set up!


From many sizes

8x8/12x8/16x8/24x8 ft 

Tentage Lining / Rain Cover

Only available for add on

Tentage lining is used to beautify the interior of the tentage to create an 'ATAS' effect.

Rain Cover is charged per lot to prevent rain from pouring in and as a wet weather plan.

Generator and Power Point

25/45/60kv to 150kv

Generator & DB Box

Charged per unit

Lights and Fans

Don't forget to add the most important part of the tentage. You might not need lights but fans are a must for your guests.

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Industrial Standing Fan

  • Lights for tentage


  • Chemical Toilet Rental

  • Air Cooler Rental

  • Air Con Rental

  • Carpeting

  • Flooring Planking

Email us your idea or budget for us to advise you!

Portable Tentage

3 x 3m tent, perfect for an outdoor birthday party, pool party or even a picnic! It can be built side by side to form a large shelter for your guests. A good DIY portable tent available for rental anytime.

*Commercial Tentage $100

(Easy Open Set Up)

$70 DIY Self-Set up

Professional Sound System

  • 1 lot DJ Console

  • 2x Branded Professional Speakers

       1x Yamaha Pro Mixer board 12 Channel

  • 1x Prop Power Amplifier Crowd XLS 602

  • 1x Denon DN 4500 2 Deck CD Player

  • 2x UHF Wireless Mic

Rental up to 4 hours


Portable Projector and Screen

  • Epson Projector 

  • Portable Screen

  • Suitable slides, presentation & party movie screening

  • Set up & Tear Down

  • 2 Way Delivery

Rental up to 4 hours $288

Confetti Blower

A strong and powerful blower to create the effect of confetti flying around at high area.

  • Confetti Blower

  • Wireless Remote

  • 1 Brick of Confetti Subjected 

Rental up to 3 hours $250-1000

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