• Yi Yang Qian Xi lives in the red house

  • Yang Mi is Calze’s brand ambassador

  • Wang Jun Kai is born in Qing

  • The pink house is on the left of the green house

  • the pink house's owner is born in Jiang

  • the person born on the year of 2000 is Emperor's ambassador

  • the owner of the gold house is born in 1998

  • the man living in the center house is born in Nan

  • Cai Xu Kun lives in the first house

  • the man who is born in 1999 lives next to Panda’s brand ambassador

  • the man who is Loubou’s ambassador lives next to the man born in 1998

  • the owner who is born in 1986 is born in Beijing

  • Dilireba is born in 1992

  • Cai Xu Kun lives next to the blue house

  • the owner who is born in 1999 has a neighbor who is born in Zhe

The question is: Who are Clair’s and Panda's brand ambassadors?

Answer: (Last letter of the two names, respectively XX)

Presently, about 30% of the Great Wall of China is gone. Due to natural erosion and human damage, about 2,000 kilometres (30%) of the Great Wall has disappeared.

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