Event Emcee Services

We work with all top local event emcees for different kinds of events ranging from corporate Family Days, Dinner and Dances, Gala Dinners and even roadshow activations. Different emcees have different forte and they are the soul of your upcoming event! Hiring a Master of Ceremonies is essential, so do not hesitate to find an expert to advise you.


Speak to our Event Producer to find out which event emcee is suitable for your event.

Adrian Tang
With over 15 years of hosting experience, Adrian is able to capture audience of different age groups with his brand of humour and wits. Be it casual or formal, he is able to bring your event to a new high.
Derrick Yip
Described by clients as a ball of energy, Derrick is spontaneous and enthusiastic. He is sure to entertain each and every guest, be it roadshows or corporate dinners.
Fei Fei
With more than 10 years in the entertainment circle, Fei Fei is more than experienced to host any events with her repertoire of skills. Cracking jokes, dancing and singing to and with her audience, she will definitely liven up the event with laugher.
With an enthusiastic and entertaining personality, Jacks brings about life and laughter to your event. He aims to leave the guests with energy and humour, while ensuring a smooth flow of your event
KP Sandhu
As an international entertainer, K.P. has years of experience hosting and is known to be a sincere performer with a genuine attempt to connect with his audience through his sense of humour.
Sherman Tang
All-rounder emcee cum entertainer, Sherman is able to engage his audience with magic, ventriloquism, and more. At the same time, ensuring a smooth flow of your event.
Ainsely Chong
Emcee cum magician, Ainsley is definitely more than prepared to deliver an interactiveexperience for your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests.
Catherine Yap
With over 10 years of experience in the events world, Catherine has hosted a spectrum of events. She aims to provide the best services and makes her performance a memorable one with her charisma, charm and skills to capture the audiences' attention
Cheryl Fong
A multi-lingual emcee, Cheryl has her very versatile range of repertoire which amplifies her love for singing. Her bubbly character and sense of humour never fails to bring laughter and joy to her audiences.
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Fukkah Fuzz
One of the fastest rising talents in the local comedy scene, Fakkah has performed in local open mics and received positive reviews from the local media. He is definitely the right choice if you want something fresh and new.
Hong Qian
A charismatic individual who is spontaneous and confident. With a distinctive voice, Hong Qian is passionate about presenting himself infront of a large crowd.
James Yang
James is known to be funny, witty, bright and good with people. He is able to effortlessly create the atmosphere and engage his audience.
Jeremy Yeo
A highly sought after professional emcee and voice over talent in Singapore. With a decade of emceeing corporate and nation-wide events, Jeremy is experienced in emceeing various kinds of events.
Justin Misson
A renowned emcee in the events industry, Justin has over 20 years of hosting corporate events both locally and internationally. He is known for his linguistic abilities and is readily adaptable to various events.
Ling Ling
Hosting events ranging from roadshows to exhibitions to corporate functions, Ling Ling is an extremely experience emcee. She is spontaneous and her affable personality allows her to engage with her audiences through games and her sense of humour.
Moe Alkaff
Singapore's multi-talented and most reputable livewire, Moe's achievements have gone beyond the shores of Singapore. His experience is bound to leave his audience with a roaring good time.
Qing Hong
With extensive experience in hosting both corporate and community events, Qing Hong is able to entertain people from all walks of life. He will definitely leave your guests with a positive impression.
Richard Style
Richard is a charismatic emcee and always leave his audience in delight and wanting more. Being multilingual, his ability to engage them has been complimented by many.
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Royce Lee
Known for his wit, charm and passion for hosting, Royce always succeed in entertaining his audience with his professionalism. He is capable of hosting a largely diverse crowd, from roadshows to corporate crowd.
Sylvia Tham
Multi-lingual and all-rounded entertainer, Sylvia ensures that every event she hosted runs smoothly and leaves a memorable impression on her audiences. She has a distinctive radio voice which she used to connect with her audiences.
Vanessa Tan
A professional speaker, host, author and entrepreneur,  Vanessa is highly motivated and possesses great leadership skills. Her excellent communication skills enables her to better connect with her audiences and leave a lasting impression on them.
Wayne Chan
Having used to work in the media as a reporter and radio DJ, Wayne has over a decade of experience hosting various kinds of events from corporate to conferences to roadshows.
Wayne Chua
Known for his young looks and energetic performance on stage, Wayne is one of the most sought-after bilingual corporate emcee. Being the "Fun One", he is able to set the tone and is well experienced in delivering a smooth event.
En Lai
En Lai is well experienced in the theatre field and is equally captivating on TV, the silver screen and on stage. He is surely one who leaves a lasting impression on his audience.
Gurmit Singh
One of the most well-known faces in the region, Gurmit is one of the most sought-after host and emcee. He is definitely one who will entertain his audiences with his sense of humour and jokes.
Jamie Yeo
Jamie has become a household name in Singapore, known for her career on radio and TV and as a model and emcee. She is well known as a sports host as well and is bound to bring smiles to her audiences.
Lee Teng
Known for his versatility and charisma, Lee Teng has become a household name in Singapore. He is well experienced in hosting various programmes and connect with people of all ages, from all walks of life.
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Michelle Chong
Known as one of Singapore's most versatile and bilingual artistes, she has hosted and acted in countless programmes. Well-loved by Singaporeans, Michelle is sure to win over the hearts of her audiences with her humourous personality.
Pornsak's spontaneous and humorous personality made him one of the most sought-after hosts in Singapore. He is definitely the best choice for any bilingual or multi-cultural events.
Vincent Tee
Well-known in the media, Vincent has years of experience acting and hosting. He is able to engage his audience and leave a lasting impression on them.
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Cheryl Fong

A multi-lingual emcee, Cheryl has her very versatile range of repertoire which amplifies her love for singing. Her bubbly character and sense of humour never fails to bring laughter and joy to her audiences.